Mallorca is our home port in the Mediterranean

You’re in charge of where the wind takes you

Sailing on Perseverance is a unique experience. Her lightweight carbon hull insures speed and comfort.

You can book weekly charters, but shorter or longer charters are also possible. If you are interested in a shorter charter because you would like to try the sailing experience or would like more information about an adventurous repositioning voyage, please contact us.

Together with you and your guests the captain and his crew will create a unique itinerary. From leisurely to adventurous; all is possible on board Perseverance.

The captain will do his upmost best to accommodate your dream itinerary around the beautiful coasts of Spain, France, and Italy.

Possible ports SUMMER 2022

Porto Cervo

Always chasing the best locations

During the winter of 2022 Perseverance will reposition to the Caribbean and have Antigua as its home port for exotic sailings to Guadeloupe, Dominca, Martinique, Anguilla or the British Virgin Islands.

For more information about chartering Perseverance or our itinerary please contact us.