The environment is paramount

Performance from mast to keel

The yacht features the latest Doyle Sails technology to reduce loads and increase performance, handling efficiencies and weight. Smart cabins reduce energy consumption, the main deck features an adjustable solid bimini, a lifting keel, smart air conditioning and energy efficient LED-lighting throughout.

Our passion for the environment

Already during her design stages Perseverance was envisioned with the environmentin mind. Lightweight materials, electric propulsion, smart cabins, on board productsand systems that have the lowest carbon footprint.

We’ve partnered with brands that care about the environment. You can pack lightly because we’ve ensured that you have the required amenities on board.

Olaplex is our exclusive supplier for hair products. Olaplex gets glowing reviews from Vogue and Elle and is used by leading hair stylists all over the world.

SENSAI Cosmetics is the prestigious brand we offer our guests for face and body products. SENSAI embraces the qualities of Japanese philosophy: honouring and working with nature, refinement and integrity.

We use La Roche-Posay Skincare for tanning and sun protection.

Drinking water has never felt so good

Plastics have been replaced by reusable alternatives on board. With all guests being given a personal water bottle for use throughout the voyage which can be filled using water tap points on deck. Sparkling water is made on board as to further reduce weight on board and impact on the environment.